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THE ESSENTIAL and MOST IMPORTANT PRODUCT in the range NON CHLORINE sanitiser specially formulated for swimming pools TOTALLY REPLACES the need for CHLORINE or OTHER SANITISERS in swimming pools Features & Benefits Lo-Chlor AQUAFRESH™ SANITISER is a non chlorine sanitiser that is approved for use in residential pools It has been specially formulated to prevent the growth of various pathogens that can cause disease in pools. Because it contains neither chlorine nor bromine, it may be used without any of the inherent side effects, such as smell, sticky feeling and sore eyes, associated with these products. It is especially ideal for allergy sufferers, including those who endure asthma or skin problems. It is like being in clean fresh water. It is gentle on skin, hair and clothing and the freshness can provide a sense of total wellbeing Pool Owners will not be breathing in chemical fumes as may be the case when using some other sanitisers Normal dosing is once every week, making a pool using the Lo-Chlor AQUAFRESH™ SYSTEM both easy and economical to maintain.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review